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Information on surgical interventions

Different surgical techniques explained


An aneurysm refers to a weakening of the artery wall that creates a bulge.

A distinction is made between various types:

True aneurysm (Aneurysma verum)

Development: a bulging of the entire blood vessel.

Location: Abdominal aorta, especially in the area around the renal arteries (kidneys)

Cause: Partially congenital, partially acquired weakness of the vessel wall/connective tissue, arteriosclerosis

Dissecting aneurysm (Aneurysma dissecans)

Location: Ascending thoracic aorta (in the ribcage) and aortic arch, occasionally descending thoracic aorta.

Cause: The arteries are composed of three layers or walls. Where there is pre-existing damage to the inner layer of the arterial wall (e.g. caused by arteriosclerosis), areas exposed to greater shear forces may tear. The blood no longer flows through the usual passageway (true vascular lumen), creating an additional channel between the layers. In the vessels close to the heart, dissecting aneurysms are among the most common.

Development: Tearing of the inner layer of the vascular wall

Usually, the damaged vessel must be replaced with a synthetic prosthesis. Depending on the tear, it may have to be placed at the origin of the blood vessel. If this is the case, part of the aorta and the aortic valve both need to be replaced (valve-bearing plastic prosthesis) because the area around the aortic valve is likewise affected. The coronary vessels that branch off immediately after must also be implanted in the prosthesis.

It is often impossible to replace the entire length of the tear. A dissection of this kind can extend all the way down into the femoral arteries. The aim of surgery is to remove the entry point where the blood finds its way between the layers of the vascular wall. This step allows the separated layers to reattach and stick together again.

Mögliche Einrißstelle – possible tearing point

Gefäße zu Arm- und Halsschlagadern - vessels to the subclavian and carotid arteries

Aortenklappe – aortic valve

Zwerchfell – diaphragm

Beispielhafter Wiedereintritt – possible re-entry point

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