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Accommodation for relatives - a home for a while

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The Pediatric Heart Centers in Linz and Vienna try to accommodate one parent in the room of the little patient if possible. If this is not possible, rooms are available for the accompanying persons in the "parent accommodation" in the hospital.
The number of these rooms is limited, however, and so parents are often forced to look for accommodation elsewhere for the duration of the child's hospital stay. Expensive hotels are usually out of the question.

"Herzkinder Österreich" and the association "Teddy Schwarzohr" are making room to make a difference. Achieving more together. Herzkinder Österreich provides temporary accommodation in the Teddyhaus Linz and Vienna for the duration of a hospital stay.

The "Teddyhaus" is a joint project of "Herzkinder Österreich" and "Teddy Schwarzohr", with its sponsors, who care about the recovery of your little heart angel. In gratitude for the generous support during the founding years, the houses are also dedicated to the "Teddy Schwarzohr" association:

Teddy Schwarzohrhaus für Herzkinder - "TEDDYHAUS".

Both Teddy Houses are now exclusively operated by Herzkinder Österreich.

Thomas Brezina, author of children's books, is the house patron for both teddy houses.

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Pleaese contact us for more information about the Teddyhaus Linz and Teddyhaus Vienna.

Herz Trennlinie

Herz Trennlinie

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