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My last will and testament

A long-lasting gesture.

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Vergissmeinnicht - a last will and testament from the heart.

We can all continue to do good beyond our lives with a personal legacy for the greater good: we can help shape the future and create something lasting for future generations. We can leave a mark that will have an impact for a long time to come.

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Your legacy to Herzkinder Österreich

A donation in your last will and testament for Herzkinder Österreich provides lasting support for the work and projects for families with children or adolescents suffering from CHD and for adults with congenital heart defects. In addition, we can also ensure research work.

There is life after life. If you would like to support "Herzkinder Österreich" beyond your lifetime, you can make a donation in your last will and testament to our charitable organization.

As a tribute to all will donors, "Herzkinder Österreich" annually plants forget-me-nots together with other non-profit organizations.

"You are no longer where you were - but you are everywhere we are. Memories that touch our hearts are never lost."

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But how does one leave a donation in a last will and testament? How does one draw up a legally valid will? It is important to be well advised on such a personal topic.

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Consultation with an independent notary

Would you like to talk to an expert to obtain information for your particular case? Then a notary will be happy to help you. The first legal information is even free of charge. The chamber of notaries in your federal state will ensure that you find the right contact person:


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Diesen Leitfaden zum Erbrecht in Österreich als PDF herunterladen:

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Vergissmeinnicht.at - Initiative for a last will and testament from the heart.

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Herzkinder Austria is part of the "Vergissmeinnicht" initiative together with many non-profit organizations.

The aim is to provide neutral and competent information on the topic of inheritance and to show what lasting effect a last will and testament can have for a good cause.


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As President of "Herzkinder Österreich" I am always happy to answer your questions and discuss with you your wishes and concerns - all in strict confidence. I look forward to hearing from you.

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