GUCH weekend

You don't see anything unusual about us, but we are only alive thanks to repaired hearts.

EMAH weekend for grown ups with congenital heart defect (GUCH)

Small heart children become big heart children - namely GUCH

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Grown ups with congenital heart take the opportunity to spend a weekend at Mondsee to share experiences with like-minded people.

While heart children are medically well cared for, CHD adolescents often fall into a care gap after their 18th birthday. The paediatric cardiologist who has become a loyal companion over many years for his patients, usually hands over the care of this age group to a regular cardiologist.

However, GUCH patients require highly specialised care throughout their lives, which is ideally provided by GUCH centres.

Adolescents and grown ups with congenital heart defects face particular challenges in their professional lives and in coping with health crises.

How do I manage my energy carefully?

How can I make myself aware of the resources and strengths acquired in difficult phases of life and activate them when needed?

Which resilience factors should I place more emphasis on in the future?

Questions such as family planning, sports, travel, insurance and coverage are also topics that are always of concern. All these questions and other special topics are dealt with in workshops at a GUCH weekend. A special opportunity to exchange during hikes, excursions or nice conversations.

Contact person

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Karin Garstenauer

+43 664 | 213 99 00

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Pia Hager

+43 660 | 620 55 55

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