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Emah Erw

EMAH | GUCH Austria supports grown ups with congenital heart defects in all non-medical matters and interests. No-one understands something better than someone who has experienced something similar themselves.

There are often many questions in everyday life that need to be clarified:

  • Education: Why is it so important?
  • Professional life: Employment, part-time or full-time, unemployment
  • Family planning: heart defects and pregnancy; Are heart defects hereditary?
  • Sports: Fitness improves your quality of life
  • Travel: Other countries, other doctors
  • Insurance and coverage
  • and much more...

And we want to be here for you:

  • Collected and continuously updated information on our website
  • EMAH | GUCH Austria meetings for grown ups with congenital heart defect with joint activities in order to exchange information and share experiences
  • Joint weekends
  • Assistance, consultation and support in non-medical matters and interests
  • Listing of cardiologists or outpatient clinics for grown ups with congenital heart defect

"You don't see anything unusual about us, but we are only alive thanks to repaired hearts."

You can also find EMAH | GUCH Austria for grown ups with congenital heart defect on social media

We have created a closed group on Facebook, Instagram und Twitter where GUCHs can exchange information in a secure Environment.

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Karin Garstenauer

+43 664 | 213 99 00

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Pia Hager

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