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My child – has a congenital heart defect?

Moving from the sad facts to a happy future

Is it possible that many children are already born with a sick heart? As sad as it is: Every year, about 700 babies in Austria are born with heart anomalies. Each year, that is one tiny struggling heart too many. Two thirds of children with heart defects have no chance of a happy childhood without the necessary surgery. This leaves many parents feeling helpless, overwhelmed and on the brink of despair. Heart parents need all kinds of support and many helping hands.

We at Herzkinder Österreich know very well how painful it is to see your child suffering and sad. How this little heart in this little body has to fight so hard. How if any of us had the choice, we would take on all the pain without a second thought. Instead, your hands are tied - which hurts even more. And how the question "Did I do something wrong when I was carrying my baby under my heart?" constantly looms. And also, "Why?". We would like to share our experiences, especially our very personal ones, with you.

We provide parents of heart children with support, advice and assistance. With us they can pour their hearts out and share their experiences.

As an association, we draw on the experience of many heart parents and work closely with the Pediatric Heart Center Linz, Pediatric Heart Center Vienna, Paediatric Cardiology Innsbruck, Paediatric Cardiology Graz as well as with many other paediatric cardiologists from all over Austria.

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