Herzkinder - Österreich

Mein Herz war schon offen. Bitte öffnen Sie auch das Ihre.

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We help you with words and deeds – and our heart!

  • Assisting parents during pregnancy
  • Providing information material regarding the „Heartkid“ (Herzkind)
  • Assisting parents before, during and after the operation
  • Offering care for siblings of the „Heartkid“ during her/his stay at the hospital
  • Frequent visits at the paediatric cardiac centre Linz (Kinderherzzentrum Linz), paediatric cardiac centre Innsbruck or at any other cardiology station in Austria (Vienna, Graz)
  • Providing apartments for parents and other relatives at the Teddy-House in Linz (in Upper Austria) during the child’s stay at the hospital; available also in Vienna, Graz and Innsbruck
  • Further development of a supporting network in all other federal states in Austria
  • Collaborating with KIB
  • Advice on financial concerns and support schemes (administrative paperwork)
  • “Heartkids”-meeting to share experiences
  • Supporting parents with getting in touch with other affected parents
  • Discussion groups for parents, info meetings, lectures
  • Close collaboration with the paediatric cardiac centre Linz (Kinderherzzentrum Linz) as well as with many other child cardiology stations in Austria
  • Supporting with therapies, therapy material, recreation stays
  • Supporting parents who have lost their child
  • Financial support for families who face financial difficulties caused by their child’s disease as well as the subsequent double burden
  • Supporting medical research projects
  • Summer week for „Heart-Families“ (Herzfamilien)
  • Holiday camp for affected children and their siblings
  • Summer parties
  • St. Nicholas‘ celebration
  • Trips, excursions
  • May 5th: Day of children with heart diseases (“Heart is Trump”)
  • Public Relations
  • etc.