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Parents are often helpless after the shocking diagnosis “Your child suffers from a heart disease”.

This news is an enormous shock and often leaves parents helpless and overstrained. Feelings like desperation, fear and guilt might arise.

„Who can I speak to?“
„Where can I find more information about my child’s heart disease”?
“What kind of help can I get for my child?“

… and many more questions want to be answered.

We want to help parents whose kids suffer from a cardiac defect to answer these questions.

Because we know from our own experience how difficult life can suddenly get when you are torn between stays in the hospital and your daily obligation. We know what it means when you ask yourself “Why does it have to be my child who has a congenital cardiac defect?”.

We are a contact point for all non-medical related questions and concerns.

At our institution, parents whose kids suffer from a cardiac defect are offered support, advice and help. They can also share their experiences with other affected parents.

For everyone seeking advice, we will provide specific information and contacts, but above all, we will listen to you if you want to pour your heart out to us.

We organize a lot of activities such as meetings for Heartkids, summer weeks for families, holiday camps for Heartkids and their siblings, charity events, summer parties, hiking trips as well as Q&A meetings, discussion groups and lectures.