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All about the operation

Admission at the paediatric cardiac centre Linz (Kinderherzzentrum Linz)

What do we need to bring with us?
How do I actually get there?
What are the visiting hours at the paediatric cardiac centre (Kinderherzzentrum)?

…and many more helpful and interesting information about your
child’s stay at the paediatric cardiac centre Linz (Kinderherzzentrum Linz) are available
on its website: http://www.kinderherzzentrum.at.

Accommodation for relatives – the „Teddy house“ in Linz
teddyhaus_logo Teddy Black-ear house for Heartkids

The paediatric cardiac centre in Linz (Kinderherzzentrum Linz) always tries its best to accommodate every patient’s mum in her child’s room. In case this is not possible, there is also separate accommodation for accompanying relatives available.
The number of these rooms is however limited and therefore, it sometimes happens that parents or mums do not have any other choice except looking for other external accommodation during their child’s stay. Expensive hotels are normally out of the question.

„Heartkids Austria“ and the association „Teddy Black-ear“ create space to change things. Together, we will achieve even more!

The „Teddy house“ is a joint project between the two non-profit organizations „Heartkids Austria“ and „Teddy Black-ear“. Its primary purpose is to provide accommodation for relatives with a “Heartkid”. Especially during the child’s treatment, but also before and after the operation, it is essential for parents and close relatives to be at their child’s side.

Just a „teddy’s jump“ away from the paediatric cardiac centre Linz (vom Kinderherzzentrum Linz), we have created a place to stay for mums and dads. It is a little oasis where relatives can sleep, shower and regain their strength – so that they are only a stone’s throw away from their child.

The difficult time after the operation will certainly demand a great deal of you. With the aim to not only support you mentally, but also with all our heart, we have established this accommodation for you as parents, but also for grandparents and other close relatives. Even though these flats will not replace your home, we truly hope that these 12 apartments with nicely decorated rooms (including recreation rooms) will give you comfort during your child’s stay at the hospital. We want you to have the chance to be with your child at any time!
All floors can be accessed by elevator (the access is barrier-free for both wheelchairs and baby strollers)

This is thanks to generous donations from many warm-hearted people and the organization “Teddy Black-ear” with its sponsors that deeply care about your child’s recovery. In return for this great support, the house is dedicated to the organization “Teddy Black-ear”: Teddy Black-ear house for Heartkids “Teddy house”.

In 2010, Thomas Brezina became the patron of the Teddy House.

„Home is where your heart can laugh without dread and dry its tears at rest.”

Please contact our housemother for any bookings at our Teddy House: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or by telephone:
+43 (0)664 884 32 804 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or by telephone: +43 (0)664 884 32 800 (preferably between 8:00 and 14:00)